About Me

Headshot of me- your guide to Primland Astronomy

Headshot of me- your guide to Primland Astronomy

Who Am I? I am a former Astronomy Guide over at the Primland Observatory in Meadows of Dan Virginia- a Five Diamond resort that actually owns its own observatory. Every night, I gave tours of the stars, constellations, and galaxies that are visible in the crystal clear skies over Meadows Of Dan. Although I no longer work at Primland, I am continuing my astronomy education on my own, with special emphasis on myths and legends.

What Is My Background? I kind of describe myself as a bit of a Renaissance Man- I’ve dabbled in everything from Art, History, Mythology, Literature, Electronic Media, and of course, Astronomy. As a child, I observed the stars with a small telescope. I also studied the mythology behind the constellations, and the history of space exploration. Most of my knowledge of the stars is self-taught, but due to the excellent training at Primland, I have gained a great deal of experience operating professional-grade quality telescopes, observing constellations, and taking photos of stellar objects.

Why Do I Do This? When I was a kid, one thing I really loved doing was to impress my friends with statistics about the size of the Earth, or the distance between Earth and the Moon. After I completed college, I discovered a way to turn that into a career working at Primland, where I can keep learning new facts about the cosmos on a daily basis and then share them with kids, adults, students, and sometimes teachers. I began this blog to chronicle the discoveries I’m making. All the facts on this blog are carefully checked using reputable space and astronomy journals, books, websites, and magazines. I will generally list all the sources I’ve used at the bottom of each new post.


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