Inauguration Week 1/18- 1/23

Inauguration Week 1/18- 1/23

Inauguration Week 1/23/13

Before it gets too late, I wanted to say a little about the Inauguration. In honor of President Obama’s inauguration, NASA had a series of parties and open houses to celebrate the upcoming projects for America’s space administration.

On January 18th, NASA held an open house over at its headquarters, with discussions about technology and innovations

On January 19th, the agency hosted a Star Party at the Arlington Planetarium, with free telescopes for the public to look through. If you’d like to look at some slideshows, click here:

Orion Spacecraft (artist's rendering)
Orion Spacecraft (artist’s rendering)

Finally, on January 21st, NASA was part of the Inaugural Parade, with scale models of the Curiosity rover, and the Orion Spacecraft (left). The Orion is a manned spacecraft, intended to dock with the International Space Station to use it as a jumping off point for exploration of the Moon, and maybe even the first manned mission to Mars! NASA has created an animation of the project, which you can see here.

So as you can see, this week was full of hope for NASA- hope that the president will continue to support the agency’s programs, and hopefully help NASA accomplish new history-making missions in the coming years.


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