Today in Space History- The History of the Space Shuttle

Today in Space History- The History of the Space Shuttle

This page is about historic developments in space exploration, both recent and highlights from the past. I’ll try to keep up-to date whenever there is an exciting development with the Curiosity Rover, the International Space Station, or the new Orion space mission, but at the very least, I’ll use this page to commemorate developments in science, astronomy, and the space race!

Today In Space History: The History of the Space Shuttle

On this day back in 1981, Columbia, the first ever space shuttle blasted off the ground, and into history. The day is doubly significant, since it is also the 52nd anniversary of the first man in space, so I of course wanted to use this blog to commemorate this historic day! First, a video about the Space Shuttle program, which is particularly significant, since NASA has discontinued the program. This is a way to commemorate the achievements of this program, mourn some of its tragedies, and wistfully say good bye.

Secondly, to pay tribute to the achievement of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, I’m uploading this video by the Russian News Channel Russia Today, where they cover Russia’s early contributions to the space race which continue to this day! Today on the International Space station, the entire crew, including the three Russians Pavel Vinogradov, Roman Romanenko and Alexander Misurkin, celebrated Cosmonaut Day in honor of their predecessor.

Happy Stargazing, and to the memory of Yuri Gagarin, I say “spasibo,” (Thank you).


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