Useful Links/ Blogs

General Links

Useful Info For Amateur Astronomers:

  1. Link to the most popular Astronomy magazine:
  2. A nice website incorporating articles about a lot of scientific disciplines, not just astronomy:
  3. Wiki Incredible website with lots of photos from the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy:

Astronomy Discoveries:

  1. The Astronomy Almanac (Operated by United States Naval Observatory)
  2. Official Website of the Hubble Space Telescope:
  3. Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL):
  4. NASA’s Home Page:
  5. Search for InTelligent Life In the universe (SETI):
  6. The FERMI Gamma Ray Space Telescope:

History Of Space Exploration:

  1. History of Space Exploration by Calvin J. Hamilton:
  2. History The Space Race:
  3. New Mexico Museum of Space History:

Stellar Mythology:

  1. Stargazers Astronomy Shop:
  2. College Stellar Mythology:
  3. Ian Ridpath’s Star Tales:
  4. Star
  5. Egyptian

Links to Professional Astronomers’ Websites!

  1. Father Chris Corbally, (Vatican Observatory)
  2. Steven J. Gibson, (Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico)
  3. Dr. Richard Obousy (Icarus Inc.)
  4. Ian Ridpath (Author Of “The Monthly Star Guide”)

Other Links

Special Section: the 2012 Apocolypse Hoax

Just in case you still have doubts that the world will end today, I’ve provided a collection of links here from reputable science websites:

Astronomy Topics- What Real Scientists Have to Say about 2012

  1. Liz and Bill’s Cosmic Journeys: a quirky look into the 2012 myths as explained by two editors from Astronomy Magazine:
  2. NASA-  Special 2012: Why the World Won’t End:
  3. NASA- Beyond 20 Google Hangout: A youtube video featuring scientists de-bunking the 2012 theories 1 by 1:
  4. SETI- Doomsday 2012 Hoax Fact Sheet:

The Mayan Calendar- Why it won’t end in 2012 either:

  1. National Geographic- Six End Of the World Myths Debunked:
  2. Penn State University Museum Exhibit- Maya: Lords Of Time:

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